Toby Beresford Bio

Toby Beresford is a professional web software entrepreneur with a specialism in gamification and social media.

Toby is the founder of based in Google Campus, Tech City, London, UK. He is the 2013 chair of and the organiser of Social Data meetup and Gamifiers meetup.

Toby writes and edits the gamification industry blog - and contributes to .net magazine, Sky News as a social media expert.

Toby speaks at a number of events around the world on Leaderboards, Gamification and Social Media.

Previously he was founding chair of both the DMA Social Media Council and the Facebook Garage London. He sold his Social Media Agency, Nudge, to Canadian firm Syncapse in 2010.

Usually operating at the crest of the next wave, his opening keynote at Social Media World Forum 2010, "the rise of the social media machine" has proven to be an accurate predictor of social media's continued appeal.

Toby made a name for himself as a leading creator of branded social games on Facebook including Sony Playstation's "Buzz! the Friend Quiz" with over half a million players, and Reckitt Benckiser's "poweRBrands". He also won a hackathon as judged by Mark Zuckerberg with his Tube Warning Facebook app. Over the past  15 years he has also been involved in creating social network software for non-profits and enterprise web apps  including Pharmaceutical, HR and Healthcare. He has a first class degree in Computer Science from the University of Durham

Toby has some limited availability for consulting services. Please contact Toby directly with project requirements and schedule.

Recent Consulting Portfolio

2012 consulting projects included:
  • gamification workshop at Loyalty World Singapore
  • Social Media Workshop expert for Financial Services - Meeting of Minds 
  • gamification consulting for Spanish language learning mobile app
  • gamification consulting for a gamified CRM solution
  • Social CRM seminar at Cogent Elliot
  • digital agency evaluation for a liquor brand

A resumé is available via LinkedIn.